Chip has over 15 years experience in taking specialist projects into both primary and secondary schools.  His music connects with the young people in a relevant way, paving the way for them to connect with a variety of educational topics.  These are just a few of the packages he’s currently offering schools.

Faith & Poverty

Tackling extreme poverty and sharing stories from real life experiences of a formal Compassion sponsor child.

Faith & Science

Exploring issues related to science vs faith, and features a professional scientist.

Faith & Pornography

Hearing about the dangers of pornography and it’s effect on young minds from an expert in the field.

Faith & Hope for Justice

  • Featuring a representative from Hope for Justice
  • Includes interactive investigation role-play

Meet the Host

chip Kendall

Chip Kendall - The Host/Singer

Having performed all over the world with thebandwithnoname (Innervation Trust) and now having gone solo, Chip is a singer/songwriter and performer at heart. However, he is also a published author of 13 books aimed at connecting young people with the Bible. Chip is a regular youth presenter on GodTV, a presenter/broadcaster on Cross Rhythms radio, and accepts invitations to speak to young people all over the nation on a whole range of Christian topics. He and his wife currently serve as the Creative Arts Pastors of !Audacious Church in Manchester.

Chip’s website: chipkendall.com

The Programme

Typically Chip and his team will work with each school for an entire day. During that day they will provide a range of assemblies, lessons, mini concerts and Q&A sessions tailored in advance to the needs of the school. They’re more than happy to involve any local Christian hosts, pastors, teachers, ministers or youth work schools teams as much or as little as they want. Often, they’ll invite them up to the front to join in with the
Q&A session at the end, so that the students are left with a more well rounded view of what most Christians believe about any particular subject.


Assemblies are a great way for students to be introduced to Chip and the team. In an assembly, Chip will perform one or two songs and speak briefly about who the guest is, and what they will be doing in the school. If there is time, the guest will give a brief talk, setting up his or her reason for being there.

RE/RS Lessons

Lessons are planned to involve students through a variety of activities including presentation, discussion, interaction and live performance.

This lesson plan is then repeated over and over for different classes and/or year groups for the entire day, with a break for lunch. Usually, the younger year groups engage more with the music, so there may be more songs in their lessons. Whereas the older year groups are usually more able to cope with meaty topics in the Q&A session, so for them the team might allow more time for that. There really is something for everyone.


To book any of these schools packages or to find out more, please contact Chip Kendall:

Tel: +44 (0)7799897162
Email: bookings@chipkendall.com
Web: www.chipkendall.com
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