Chip loves music.

Since his previous band (thebandwithnoname) finished, the Chip Kendall band has notched up some incredible gigs, including BigChurchDayOut in the UK, Lumen Festival in Slovakia, Sea Side Festival in Norway, and others.  With three releases to date – ‘K is for Kendall’ EP (2011), ‘Holy Freaks’ album (2013), and most recently ‘ALL IN.’ album (2015) – Chip still feels as though he’s just getting started. Stylistically, Chip’s music brings together dance, rock and rap with strong melodic hooks.  His high-energy performance appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Chip loves schools.

Having written and compiled 13 different books for young people, including the Youth Bible Study Guides, Chip’s aim is to leave people with more than just a great concert experience.  He regularly takes his music and message into high schools and primary schools, alongside specialist guests who are experts in their fields of science, health, justice and faith.  Chip also tours youth groups, presenting tailor made nights of music, interactive games and stories in churches up and down the UK.

Chip loves families.

The Praise Ship Orbitron is an hour-long family praise party, touring churches and conferences everywhere.  Captain Chip and his amazing musical theatre crew utilise song, dance and interactive games to take primary school children and their parents on an unforgettable journey that’s out of this world.

Chip was born in in Florida, raised in Jerusalem, Israel and currently lives in Stockport, UK with his wife Helen and their three kids.  Chip and Helen serve on the creative staff at !Audacious Church in Manchester.